This tool will create tax rates in your nominated Xero account based on your selection of some default tax rates for VAT in Ireland.

To activate the tool you will need to temporarily provide Parolla with permission to access your nominated Xero account. We will redirect your browser to the Xero API login page, where you enter your Xero credentials. You can confirm that the Xero page is legitimate by checking the SSL certificate and the website name in the address bar of your browser. Xero will then approve the session for 30 minutes.

We do not pull any account information from Xero, nor to we store any records of this process.

If a tax rate already exists of the same name then we will not modify any of its details. It will simply be skipped and a warning raised in the summary page.

This web application is part of a larger Payroll / Xero integration for the Irish market. If you would like to see the tool expanded with greater functionality then please contact us at Parolla, or email/text/call Mark Ogilvie at +353 89 221 9326.