This web application is part of a larger Parolla Payroll / Xero integration for the Irish market. If you would like to see the tool expanded with greater functionality then please contact us at Parolla, or email/text/call Mark Ogilvie at +353 89 221 9326.

The converter is tested in Chrome and FireFox web browsers. If you are having difficulty please contact Mark Ogilvie at Parolla

Allied Irish Bank produce two types of comma separated value statements. The Business Banking output is different from the Personal Banking statement. Both csv outputs have problems.

Both statements contain transaction descriptions that allow comma's. These cannot be converted easily via spreadsheet.

The Personal banking statement produces an 'amount' column which contains the transaction value in a more human friendly piece of text. For example 1400 will be shown as "1,400.00". Similar to the problem above, the additional comma separation causes issues.

This web page will:

  1. Establish if your file is from a Personal or Business account.
  2. Find any numbers within quotation marks, and strip out all comma's between the quotations.
  3. Strip out all quotations around numbers.
  4. Strip out unnecessary columns.
  5. Rename column headings to match Xero's import template.
  6. Return a Xero compliant statement import file.